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A Memorable Victory for the New Sebastinian Lawyers: College of Law Thanksgiving and Testimonial Dinner

A Memorable Victory for the New Sebastinian Lawyers:  College of Law Thanksgiving and Testimonial Dinner

by Patricia Blessy Gonzales

A fruitful journey without losing the prosperous reason burning in their hearts brought the momentous occasion for the New Sebastinian Lawyers. There will be no more nerve-wracking lectures, stomach-ranting recitation, lazy mornings, and crazy afternoons. This only proves that this institution is undeniably producing professionals who are ready to meet the needs and demands of the local and global communities.

The New Sebastinian Lawyers extended their heartfelt and profound gratitude to their families during this wonderful celebration held at the San Sebastian College Law Library on the 27th of April this year. Atty. Ferdinand A. Tan, Dean of the College of Law also shared his heartfelt greetings and commendation, “In God’s grace, during the period of examination, even when it had been complicated for some reasons, we still reached the high percentage that we were aiming for.” He said that Bar Examinations are never easy. But, everything is possible. Dean Tan continued, “Put God in the center of your life, and you would never be wrong. Try to be humble, do not under estimate your strength. Practice your profession. At the end of the day, you’ll be happy.” He reminded everyone as he ended his speech that with just a stroke of a pen, everyone could be a topnotcher with the help of the professors, who also deserve to be recognized.

For the Closing Remarks, Atty. Joseph Rally L. De Chavez, Associate Dean gave a short inspiring message. “A compliment to each and every one, San Sebastian College of Law School is on top five that produced good lawyers.” He said that it makes a big difference seeing your students graduate and that it spells a moral victory for the professors. “Do not stop dreaming. If you stop dreaming, you will get lost,” he added. Before the event ended, they sang the SSC-R hymn for the last time as bar reviewers and first as the New Sebastinian Lawyers.


The new Sebastinian lawyers are the following: ABEJO, Klein Charisse B.; ANTALAN, Sheena Lynne L.; ARRAIZA, Cheska Maude L.; ATIENZA, Gian Joseph P.; BADUA, Kristofferson E.; BAETIONG, Ma. Adoracion J. ;BATERNA, Jared Marc E.; BENTULAN, Jr., Alfredo L.; BINULUAN, Junerick N.; CRUZ, Alejandro Arlan P.; DE JESUS, Nerissa N.; DEL ROSARIO, Mary Grace O.; DELA CRUZ, Carissa Leonor Xyza I.; DELA CRUZ, Kenneth Lloyd L.; DIANA, John Ronnel D.; DOCTOLERO, Julie L.; DOMINGO, Riyah Lalaine L.; EBDANE, Bayani S.; ECALNIR, Erol Roudel C.; FELIX, Razel Ann P.; GAYOS, Edgardo Alexander O.; GLIPONEO, Lizglen L.; HERNANDEZ, Michael Vincent T.; LABAYO, Hale Oliver M.*; MADRIAGA, Marie Kris C.; MENDOZA, Niña Suzette M.; MERCADO, Kenneth N.; MILANES, Rainier Anthony M.; MOPRO, Karl Kristjan B.; ODTOJAN, Leodeeanne Cl T.; OMBAWA, Nassiym A.; PANGILINAN, Rafael D.; PARAGAS, Mary Niña S.; PARINGIT, II, Eduardo G.; PASCUAL, Carlo John R.; PAUIG, Ferdinand T.; PAUIG, Jose Bernabe T.; PEORO, Rolly Francis C.; PRIMICIAS, James Joash B.; REAL, III, Jun Edward L.; REDOÑA, Dem Thomas T.*; REYES, Neil Noe C.; RODRIGUEZ, Paola Krista C.; SALUDO, Aaron Marc T.; TEJADA, Trina Bianca O.; VICTORIA, Chaucer A.; VILLENA, Katrina Jorelle P.; VINZON, Albert Lawrence A.; YAP, Bodjhee Bobby A.; ZAMORA, Harvey Ecker A.; ZUBIRI, Jennie Lyn T.*
congratulations(passers and tops)
*Legal Enhancement Program