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Dean Arturo Brion

Associate Dean Cecillo Duka
Bar Reviewer, MCLE Lecturer and Book Author



  1. Justice DELA CRUZ, Efren N.
    Associate Justice  of Sandiganbayan, MCLE Lecturer
  1. Justice SANDOVAL, Edilberto G.
    Retired Justice  of Sandiganbayan
  1. Justice SEMPIO-DIY, Alicia
    3-Time Bar Examiner in Civil Law, Book Author
  1. PARAS Jr., Romulo A.
    Court Attorney VI, Supreme Court
  1. NOLASCO, Charisma I.
    Court Attorney of the Supreme Court
  1. URIBE, Crisostomo
    Chief of Staff for Adjudication – Office of Chief Justice Maria Lourdes P.A.  Sereno, Bar Reviewer
  1. Judge CAJIGAL, Afable E.
    RTC Judge of Quezon City
  1. Judge DELA ROSA, Jose Lorenzo R.
    RTC Judge of Manila Branch 4
  1. Fiscal BAUTISTA JR., Meynard M.
    Chief Inquest Prosecutor, Quezon City
  1. ESPINAL, Jorge B.
    Assistant Special Prosecutor II, Special Prosecutor’s Office of the Ombudsman
  1. Fiscal TAMBASACAN, Rocille A.
    Assistant City Prosecutor of MeTC Manila
  1. Dean CAHAYON, Felipe P.
    Former Dean P.U.P Law, CPA, Bar Reviewer
  1. Dean FESTIN, Gemy Lito L.
    Dean P.U.P Law, Book Author, MCLE Lecturer, Bar Reviewer
  1. Dean NAVARRO, Domingo M.
    Former Asst. Dean SBC Law, 2nd placer of the 1978 Bar Examinations, Bar Reviewer
  1. Arbiter SALES, Ma. Lourdes A.
    Labor Arbiter, National Labor Relations Commission
  1. Arbiter VILLANUEVA, Augusto L.
    Labor Arbiter, National Labor Relations Commission
  1. LARDIZABAL, Judy A.
    1st placer 2008 Bar Examinations, Class Valedictorian
  1. ARMADA, Karen C.
    6th placer in the 2007 Bar Examinations
  1. CARILLO, Edwin M.
    2011 Bar Examiner, MCLE Lecturer, OGCC
  1. DUKA, Cecilio D.
    Bar Reviewer, MCLE Lecturer, Book Author
  1. JUMAMIL, Teodoro M.
    Partner of BrillantesNachuraNavarroJumamilArcillaEscolinMartinez and Vivero Law Offices, Bar Reviewer
  1. BAUTISTA, Rafael J.
    Practicing Lawyer, Professor
  1. CABIGAS, Chato A.
    SSC-R Law Class Valedictorian 2009
  1. CEREZO, Arianne Y.
    Valedictorian, UP College of Law 2013
  1. DANGANAN, Michael I.
    Managing Partner of Lara Uy Santos Tayag and Danganan Law Offices
  1. DUANO, Voltaire T.
    Class Valedictorian San Sebastian College of Law 1993, Book Author
  1. FERNANDEZ, Vic Byron T.
    SSC-R Manila Law Class Valedictorian 2006
  1. FLORES, Ronaldo F.
    Legal Division of the Armed Forces and Police Savings
  1. GUZMAN, Hercules P.
    CPA Lawyer, Bar Reviewer
  1. IGNACIO, Larry P.
    Book Author, Bar Reviewer
  1. LARA, Gerardo F.
    Practicing Lawyer, Book Author
  1. LOPEZ, Tristan L.
    CPA Reviewer of Business Law and Taxation Law of CPAR
  1. LOPEZ-ROSARIO, Maria Liza
    Bar Reviewer
  1. MEDINA, Alexis F.
    SSC-R Manila Law Class Valedictorian 2003
  1. MENDOZA, Charlito M.
    3rd placer 2004 Bar Examinations
  1. MEÑEZ, Martin F.
    Chief-of-Staff, Department of Justice
  1. MERCANO, Steve Paolo A.
    SSC-R Manila Law Class Valedictorian 2010
  1. MONTEMAYOR Jr., Jose C.
    Doctor of Medicine
  1. MUNSAYAC, Reynold S.
    SSC-R Manila Law Class Valedictorian 2005, Bar Reviewer
  1. PASTRANA, Teodoro A.
    Practicing Lawyer
  1. RABUYA, Elmer T.
    Book Author, Bar Reviewer
  1. REMIGIO, Catherine C.
    SSC-R Manila Law 1st Honorable Mention 2007
  1. REYES, Juan Emmanuel M.
    Practicing Lawyer
  1. SABILLO, Farley C.
    Legal Officer of the Mayor of Quezon City
  1. SALAO, Ernesto C.
    Former Editor-in-Chief of Rex Book Store, MCLE Lecturer
  1. SALINAS, Romeo S.
    Practicing Lawyer
  1. SANIDAD, Miguel T.
    Legal Counsel (PHINMA), Cum Laude UP Law
  1. TATON, Rodel A.
    LLM, DCL, Managing Partner Taton Law Office
  1. VIDAD, Owen M.
    Government Corporate Attorney  at the Office of the Government Corporate Counsel