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Orientation Program for First Year Law Students & Transferees

By Margery Cruz

The College of Law Guidance Office sponsored an Orientation Program for   the new law students last July 2, 2008 at the Bar Review Center and this   year’s theme was entitled “ In One Sebastinian Spirit for the Pursuit   of Academic Excellence”.

There were a total of 64 students who attended on the said program. The   invited speakers consisted from the religious administrators and   personnel from the different student services who rendered their time   and efforts in welcoming and inspiring the students in considering the   institution to be a part of their vision to be lawyers of tomorrow.
Ms. Joan Guevarra (LEC year representative) served   as the host of the program, followed by the invocation and national   anthem that was led by Mr. Manny Ragsac (LEC President).

Rev. Fr. Jorge D. Peligro, OAR, VP for Academics, gave the inspirational   message which made the law students even more appreciative in pursuing   their course here at San Sebastian College.

Rev. Fr. Rene F. Paglinawan, OAR, Dean of Institute of Religious   Formation and Philosophy, discussed in details the school’s mission and   vision. He emphasized to the students the importance of knowing it in a   more deeper perspective in heart and mind as they are now part of the   Sebastinian family.

For the student services, Mr. Ramon Montierro  (the School Registrar)   discussed the role of his office and in regards with the student   records, policies and the needed documents that the students needed to   comply to avoid deficiencies. Followed by Ms. Ceres Alcantara   (Accounting Manager) discussed the financial concerns, policies as well   as the policies then Dr. Zaela Vanessa Mailom (Head of Health Service)   introduced the staff delegated in different medical services as well as   the detailed and extent of the medical services that they offer for the   college. Mrs. Jacqueline Lucero (Law Librarian) discussed in details the   library policies, issues, concerns and emphasized to intensify library   services.   She reminded the students for their proper decorum within   the library premises to preserve the library’s conduciveness for the   best interests of all students. Pablo Castante (Chief security)   discussed the security policies implemented within the campus and lastly   Ms. Margery Cruz, (Guidance Counselor) discussed the salient role,   services and calendar of activities of the Law Guidance to the law   student professionals. She emphasized the office’s efforts in coming up   with new services and programs that would focused the students’   interests for them to be increasingly self-directive, progressive and   equipped individuals for them to cope well towards the demands of law   school. She discussed the purpose of their compliance with the office‘s   programs and encouraged them to avail the counseling services by means   of referrals wherein new guidance forms were placed within their reach   in case they are in need of the services.

Further, Rev. Fr. Dionisio C. Cachero, OAR- (President) gave his message   in regards with the institution’s determination to give their utmost   support and possible help they could provide. He acknowledged the   efforts of the people behind the college of law’s competence.