Welcome to San Sebastian College of Law!



The SSC-R Manila College of Law offers Juris Doctor, a four-year program, an interdisciplinary approach to the study of law. It provides a solid foundation on the core bar subjects giving the students the opportunity to focus on areas of particular interest through the elective subjects. It enables the students to deepen their understanding of the law through intensive apprenticeship immersion, research and thesis analysis.


The SSC-R Manila Institute of Graduate Studies offers Master of Laws (LI.M.) to those who have already completed the basic law degree. It is a 36-unit program designed to provide an expanded understanding of law and legal theory.

The program covers Basic Courses, Areas of Specialization, Cognates and Thesis Writing. LI.M. students can pursue specialization in areas of International Law, Comparative Law, Commercial Jurisprudence, and Constitutional Law.

The Master of Laws is an Off-Campus Executive Program, wherein in-class school activities, though guided and supervised by the professor, are reduced to a greater extent since academic requirements can now be done outside of the school premises. The teaching approach is a balance of theory and industry application.


Dubbed as the “home of the nation’s bar reviewers,” the Recoletos Law Review Center consistently produces bar topnotchers since its establishment in 2003.

It offers a 6-month comprehensive bar review course to prepare bar candidates in the national bar examinations. It is a structured program with the most sequentially arranged subjects discussed one at a time in a manner that would afford the reviewee a chance to master each topic. It also offers separate lectures on the latest significant jurisprudence in each major bar subject.


SSC-R Manila Law is a citadel of excellence and passion in hurdling the bar. Following the mandates of Supreme Court as covered by Section 16 of Rule 138 of the Rules of Court and in compliance with Bar Matter No. 1161, the school offers an enriched and competent program in order to help the refresher students to finally become a member of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines.