1. Is there an Entrance Exam? Will PHILSAT be required?


  • There will be no Entrance Exams for applicants this Academic Year: 2020-2021. However, applicants may still be subjected to interviews*. These are still subject to change.

2. My documents are not complete yet, can I still submit an application form?


  • Yes, please remember to update and upload those documents in the Google Application form once you have it.

3. What is the prescribed schedule for classes?


  • Classes for both the Juris Doctor and Working Student Programs are from Monday to Saturday which starts at 5:30PM during weekdays and as early as 8:00AM on weekends.

4. When can I have my ID Photo taken?


  • ID photos are usually taken on the first week of classes*.

5. Do you have a list of books and materials that I will need?


  • Kindly wait for the announced required materials and references by your Professors.

6. 6. When should I pay the balance of my tuition fees?


  • Tuition fees may be settled before the midterm and final examinations to be able to secure your Test Permit.